Who TF do I think I am?

<- Have mercy! lol

Getting into trouble. Finding patterns that need correcting. 

‚ÄčLeaving women. Creative solutions. Locating causality.

Age: 55. Retired master plumber, health care worker, radio and internet broadcaster. Social and political advocate and volunteer since 1991.

Living locations:
Born 8.2.1962, Chestertown, Maryland, United States of America.

Raised: Washington, D.C. metro area. Left at age 20(21):
Massachusetts: 1981 - 1985.

Louisiana: 1985 - 1986.
Maryland: 1986.
Massachusetts: 1986 - 1991.
California: 1991 -2001.
Connecticut: 2001 - 2004.
Georgia: 2004 - 2009.
Connecticut: 2009 - present.

Unemployed: yes.
Disabled: not very.
Retired: yes.
Creative: highly.
Smart: Let history decide.

There are several self/auto biographies of myself at my personal social networking accounts. These descriptions, like most of us, change (sometimes drastically) as years pass and are likely to be unupdated at this time (7.24.2017). A polished bio is forthcoming for this page.  

[my old resume and college transcripts will be available here, testimonies from mom and dear sweet aunts and pictures of my dogs and etc.]

Until accounts are created: I am using my personal opinion and save the world Twitter account for most of my advertising and issue advocacy and bitching at this time http://twitter.com/endallsuffering and http://EndAllSuffering.org

My personal amateur writing weblog since 2006: http://JamesGrayMason.US

My time travel communication experiment that was successful before I created it: http://TimeTravelWish.org