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F iled as candidate for write-in as unaffiliated party and committee James 2020 Vision on July 20, 2017: 

Campagin MUSIC by Apple Music (personal endorsement FY FEC! ):

SITE IN BUILD: Exploratory phase of the write-in candidacy of James Gray Mason for president of the United States of America 2021 - 2024.  Campaign catchphrase for 7.28.2017:  If you love Bernie you're going to want to have sex with James!

I would fit the category of liberal socialist democrat. I am a far more typical than unique in the USA. I am a product of the collective philosophy and the environment created within this nation’s ethos. With gratitude for being born the USA, my life and my reasoning, passion, empathy, and my voice and words qualify me for the toughest job on Earth. We can (insert your hopey changy words here).

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Always in build:  Pretty pretty liberal.  hmm: Catchphrase for 7.28.2017: If you love Bernie you're going to want to have sex with James!